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D8 Hara Dry Astro
03-07-2012, 10:54 PM
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D8 Hara Dry Astro

5k front
5k middle
2k rear


Front - 1.3 pistons @ 250cst
Rear - 1.3 pistons @ 300cst


Front - 1.3 pistons @ 300cst
Rear - 1.3 pistons @ 350cst


Front - White
Rear - white

Shock postions

Stock -

Front outside on the wishbones with truggy ball joints to enable extra droop less 2mm chopped off them.
Rear - outside on the wishbones

Camber links

Front - short
Rear inside on the tower - outside on the hub if I want more rear end grip, middle on the hub if the track is tight and I want to whip the rear end around.


Rear if need rear end stability, forward if the track is tight and need to whip the rear end around

Ride height

26mm rear & 25 front - heights are checked by pushing the front and rear down at once. Always 1mm less @ the front


Measured with a pro-line droop gauge - front @ 6, rear @ 5 - no idea what that is in mm!!!

Brake calipers

As close as possible as you don't have any gaps on your 1:1 car & thus instantaneous braking.

Wheel base

Always short unless I want a bit more steering then a smaller spacer at the front of the hub.

Chassis guards

middle screw out to allow for more chassis flex


Full alloy with 1mm springs


Always 16/48 unless on a Huge track like Frankley then will use 17/48

Roll bars

Front @ 2.6mm
Rear @ 2.8mm


Always @ -3Deg @ rear + -2Deg @ front set at specified ride height


Bullitt - Needle settings HSN @ less 1.75 turns out from flush, LSN @ less 2 turns out from flush based on Optifuel @ 25%.

Pipe - O.S. 2060

The above set up is what I always use on wet astro and has resulted in some of the fastest results @ the CMCC MAM series whereby I'm second overall in the series & competing against the likes of Drescher, Sloppy, Holmes, Truman and many others.
03-08-2012, 07:07 PM
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RE: D8 Hara Dry Astro
Thanks Rich

Very comprehensive post


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